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"The Trickster God," Part 2: "Oh Hel." The Skeleton Man, with the hammer of Thor in his hands, travels to the Black Rose Mansion only to find that Loki has taken over. Raven Hex, Tarot, and their mother are prisoners of the trickster god and are victims to his every whim. Meanwhile, alone in the cemetery, Crypt Chick faces the ruler of the underworld herself, "Hel."

Roads in and out of Salem have been blocked by a strange blizzard force field, mountains have sprung up around the town ripped apart streets and buildings transforming the town into a icy wilderness. Skeleton Man is on his way to Black Rose Manor in the chariot of Thor the god of thunder drawn by Tooth-Grinder and Tooth-Gnasher to get help from Tarot the Witch of the Black Rose.

After having the God of Thunder crashed into and destroy his house in the Salem Woods Cemetery Jon was able to lift Mjollnir when he donned the Norse gods belt and gauntlets. Arriving at the Home of Tarot and her mother and sister he finds no one, climbing the stairs and calling out to them.

Back in the haunted cemetery Crypt Chick, while watching the body of Thor with the skeleton dog, Wrath gets a surprise visit from Hel the Goddess of the Underworld. Cloaked in black with the form of a beautiful woman with a bare torso but skeleton legs, Hel tells Crypt Chick that she has passed on and no longer belongs in the world of the living. Crypt Chick protests but is zapped by the Goddess and vanishes from the haunted cemetery.

Meanwhile at Black Rose Manor Skeleton Man finds Raven Hex caught in Loki’s levitation spell and Tarots mothers still recovering from her fight with the trickster god. Once Loki appears he demands that Jon turn over Mjollnir.

Tarot has been transported away from Black Rose Manor and is wondering through the snow in Salem in just her armor with sword in hand when she is discover by a pair of Frost Giant. A spectacular battle ensues as Tarot uses sword and Magic to defend against the enormous rampaging trolls who are determined to make a meal of her.

The showdown for Mjollnir continues back in front of the helpless Raven and her mother when finally Raven Hex is able to resist Loki’s levitation spell long enough to remove her spiked breast plate and stab Loki in the back with it in an attempted killing blow. Bare chested Raven, with the injured god at her feet delivers a scorching blast of green energy and brings beams and stone down from the ceiling onto the crumpled burning Loki. The beautiful Dark Rose Witch taunts the defeated god telling him “I should make you lick my feet”

From under the rubble Loki springs back up, dusting himself off he casts a spell binding Raven with her own hair, she is constricted as if her long black hair were wires wrapped around her from head to toe.

The issue ends with Loki telling Raven that she will be beaten into obedience to his will, and her submission to him will be legendary.

To be continued in The Trickster God, Part 3: “Twilight of the Heroes”

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