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'The Trickster God,' Part 1: 'Loki.' A thunder god falls to earth. A trickster god demands that Raven Hex be his mistress. Salem is cut off from the rest of the world. Tarot and her mother are imprisoned. A lone Graveyard Guardian with a legendary hammer in his hands sets off on a fatal quest to take on a God.

Skeleton man is fed up with the ghosts of the Salem Woods Cemetery for the last three years they have eaten him out of house and home broken all his stuff and generally overstayed their welcome. Just as he reclaims his position as king of this castle "BOOM" his house explodes and everything he owns goes up in smoke.

Crypt Chick appears and as Jon bemoans the loss of his house she point out a possible perpetrator and Jon recognizes him as Thor God of Thunder and next to him is Mjolnir his mighty hammer. Jon identifies him as "Not from the comic book, the actual God of Thunder from Norse Mythology."

Skeleton Man tries but is unable to loft Mjolnir until he asks Crypt Chick to remove Thor's belt and gauntlets, while putting them on he further explains how dawning the armor should allow him to lift the hammer according to ancient history. He even recommends Walter Simonson's run of Thor from Marvel Comics. Once he is outfitted in Thor's belt and gauntlets he is able to lift the mighty hammer.

Back at Black Rose Manor Raven Hex gets a surprise guest, Loki who introduces him self to the Dark Witch of the Black Rose and begins to woo her saying he wants her for his mistress. Raven is not to be subjugated by any male and responds that she is "Mistress to no one, god or man" and tells Loki to get out firing a green snake like energy at him that Loki easily deflects.

Loki uses telekinetic powers to restrain Raven and attempts to force her to his will but is interrupted by Tarots and their Mother who cast spells against Loki to free Raven. The battle erupts in several magnificent and colorful splash pages where Tarot and Mother cast spells of dragons and electricity against the trickster god who returns daggers and lightening against the two. Loki's magic over powers the defenders and with the power of the north wind he hurls them against the wall and they black out.

Raven, who has been bound by Loki screams at him to release her and fight her but he only responds that his "plan has just begun."

Meanwhile back in the Salem Woods Cemetery it is beginning to snow and Jon decides to visit Tarot to see if she can help with the still lifeless Thor who is in the smoldering crater that was his house. At his request Thor's chariot appears led by Tooth-Grinder and Tooth-Gnasher. Jon leaves Crypt Chick and Wrath to guard Thor and points out it to early for snow in Salem, he departs on Thor's chariot to seek the help of the Black Rose Witch.

The issue ends to be continued in part 2, the 11th Anniversary Issue of Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose.

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