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Part 4 of 4 of the Witch War This story arc comes to a climax as Raven Hex raises her dead father to rule the new Reign of witchcraft, by her side. Something terrible goes wrong and someone very dear to Tarot sacrifices themselves for her.


With less than half an hour until midnight, the Skeleton Man and Tarot stop kissing and realize that they must explore these feelings for each other later. They head downtown to find Raven Hex enjoying the pandemonium she has recently caused. Tarot tries to reason with her sister, but Raven won’t hear it. She causes a building to topple and Tarot narrowly saves some humans from being crushed.

Meanwhile, on Gallows Hill, the Skeleton Man and Wraith rush some pumpkin golems standing guard over Raven Hex’s ritual site. The fight is quick and the Skeleton Man tries to claim the body of the twins. Raven arrives, however, and neatly dispatches of the man. She begins her ceremony and the moon changes shape. Slowly, a being emerges from the spirit world: Raven’s father.

Celebration is short, as Brandi arrives and demands that Raven bring her back from the dead. Raven refuses, having changed her mind. Brandi smacks Raven and renders the witch momentarily unconscious. She then tears the resurrection pages from the forbidden book and walks away with plans to find a witch that will help her.

Raven awakens and rushes to her father’s side. She is loath to see Tarot and her mother (who came when she saw the moon change). Sadly, the only portion of the father that was raised was his anger. He morphs into a beast and attacks. Tarot, recalling her tarot cards from earlier, tries to get her mother away to avoid any danger. The mother stays, however, when she sees Raven punched. She sends fairies to attack. This, coupled with the summoned ghosts of the fallen witches from the Salem trials, stuns the monster. It regains focus, however, and attempts to strike a deathblow to Raven. Her mother reacts and puts herself in the path of the blow and crumples to the earth. Both Tarot and Raven summon all the energies they possess and strike a blow at the monster; it is so powerful that they feel the very essence of the Goddess aiding them. The monster is immediately destroyed.

The survivors look over the mother. The Skeleton Man informs them all that she still lives, but barely. Before then can take the mother to their house to heal her, the ghosts of the Salem witches accost Raven Hex. They encourage her to be more wise in the future and warn her that they will keep an eye on her.

In town, the monsters slowly fade, as does the memory of them. The damage is slowly fixed.

In the cemetery, the Skeleton Man places the twins’ coffin back in the earth. Brandi laments that she can’t decipher the stolen pages.

In their home, Tarot’s mother slowly recovers and forgives Raven. She asks her to rejoin the Black Rose Coven. Raven refuses but appreciates the good terms they can be on. Her mother fears the repercussions to Raven will be huge.

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