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Tarot and Jon meet Brandi, the angry ghost of Jon's former girlfriend. Tarot and Jon then break into Raven Hex's hideout in an attempt to stop the ritual that will the forces of magical evil into the world.


Halloween: Tarot divines herself and the Skeleton Man to the Salem Woods Cemetery to ask the girls if they can get a fix on the location of their body. Brandi approaches, however, and gives Tarot a hard time. She only stops when there is mention of bringing people back from the dead. The twins eventually arrive. They concentrate and begin to see images of where there body is. Tarot takes in the brief descriptions and finally gets the mental image of a tower. She knows where the body is – in a hidden tower. Tarot, the Skeleton Man, and the twins prepare to leave. Brandi decides to tag along.

In the tower, Raven Hex is gleeful at the prospect of resurrecting her father and ushering in a new era for witches. Her musings are interrupted by Brandi who wants to strike a deal. Brandi will tell Raven the plan against her if Raven promises to resurrect Brandi. The witch reluctantly agrees.

Tarot’s party arrives to an empty clearing. A tower magically reveals itself. The group comments on Brandi’s absence but has no time to dwell on it, as more jack-o-lantern monsters arrive for a fight. The battle is difficult, but Tarot is able to burn away some foes with her magic; other she dispatches with some magic throwing gear. With the fight finished, Tarot flies herself and the Skeleton Man into the tower.

Raven greets the two by immediately binding them with pumpkin spider webs. Tarot tries to talk some sense into her sister to delay the plans. Raven is too caught up in her dreams of a witch’s utopia and she vanishes to perform her misdeeds. Tarot calls up her cat, which frees the Skeleton Man. He drops to the floor and catches Tarot once she is freed. In his arms, Tarot is powerless and the two kiss.

In town, Raven Hex lands amid the Halloween revelers. She preaches to the masses about the inevitable rule of witches and then causes havoc. First by gouging out a man’s eyes with her nipple spikes, then by summoning pumpkin golems to tear the town apart.

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Happy Halloween!!! 0

Initial page: a woman's body (Raven's) filled with drawings from the narrative balloons, totally awesome!!! The Scoop - Tarot and Jon (Skeleton Man) go back to the graveyard so they can talk to the siamese girl's ghost and discover where her body is and Tarot's lost book, but Jon's girlfriend (Brandi/Crypt Chick) isn´t very happy with him (she´s jealous, hell, which girl wouldn´t be?!?).   The Good - Jim Balent's art makes this series great, with remarkable scenes like Jon's dog pursuing Pooka,...

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Fantastic Swordplay. 0

So far out of the three chapters in this storyline, this is obviously the weakest of the three, however required to setup what most likely is a pretty epic, and hopefully cool conclusion to this storyline next issue.We get to see Jon's ex be a sneaky dead bitch by looking out for herself and betraying him, plus we get to see a little more of the love affair that may happen between Jon and Tarot.Mostly this story however is used to progress Raven Hex's diabolical plot... no longer does she seem s...

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