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Tarot and Jon (Skeleton Man) go to her house where they recover from the recent fight and tell each other about their pasts. And so the origins of the majority of main characters are explained in this issue including Skeleton Man's, Tarot's and Raven Hex's.


Tarot notes the Skeleton Man’s injuries and informs him that only magic can counter the damage he has received. He claims to feel nothing and sends a message to his ghost crew to let the grave robbers go. Despite his declarations of feeling good, the Skeleton Man passes out and Tarot takes him to her house. The Skeleton Man’s messenger does her job and then goes to visit a fellow ghost – an attractive ghost that isn’t too pleased to hear that the Skeleton Man has left with an attractive lady.

The Skeleton Man awakens from a nightmare to find himself in a beautiful home filled with statues and fountains. He is only in his briefs so he finds a little robe and begins to wander around. He stumbles into a bathroom and sees Tarot emerge from her bath. She is glad to see he is awake. They head to the kitchen for a talk.

Tarot explains that she is a witch and always has been; the same with her sister, Raven. They always meant to do good until the sisters were confronted at school and Tarot was hit with a rock. Raven retaliated and the girls were expelled. Their father burned the school down with magic. He would later die because of this choice and this turns Raven bitter. She rebels and tries to learn to resurrect people so as to be reunited with her father. That is why she stole the forbidden book and why Tarot has sought the Skeleton Man’s help. They have until Halloween to retrieve it – which is the next day.

The Skeleton Man then tells his story: He was a regular guy with a girlfriend and a dog. They got into a car accident and only he survived. He started getting visits from dead people and thought he would go insane. His dog, now dead and named Wraith, found him and protected him. He learned to communicate better and help those who had died to move on. As caretaker of the Salem Woods Cemetery, he now has daily access to his girlfriend, Brandi, and is able to protect the grounds if the occasion calls for it.

The Skeleton man leaves to get dressed and Tarot admits to her mom that she shared a spark with him. Her mother tries to joke with her about being in love and Tarot storms out to prep.

Elsewhere, Raven Hex opens up the coffin and eagerly anticipates using the two-headed girl to usher the next generation of fear into humans.

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