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A Frosty Fairytale Frolic Mature Readers Suggested The snow has fallen and all is quiet in Salem's Witch Hallow. Tarot and Raven take a well deserved break and relax in their outdoor hot tub. But they soon find out that big trouble comes in a small package, when Raven harshly shoos away a pesky frost fairy. Their winter wonderland soon turns into a bellowing blizzard!

The issue opens with the sisters Tarot and Raven slipping into a hot outdoor tub dunning a cold night at their home Witch Hollow. After battling skeletons and zombie cookies in the last few days Tarot suggests a dip as the perfect way to relax, just like when they were kids. Tarot is wearing a khaki colored bikini covered with merit badges and the title "scout leader" on the top her curly long red hair down around her shoulders. Raven in wearing a green top with snow flakes and a orange bottom with flames around a haunted face.

As the two relax Raven begins to open up to her sister an tell her how much she misses time with her family. Just them Pooka, Tarots goblin cat flies in and drops off a present for Raven, a dead winged-mouse. Raven is disgusted and apparently has no love for her sisters familiar, shooing it away as it drops the mouse in the pool next to her while Tarot explains the goblin cat has been absent for a while due to her new romance with a white cat.

After clearing the pool of Pooka's offering Raven begins to remove her top, reminding her sister they were raised to be "skyclad" or nude and be proud of their bodies. Tarot explains that she had invited her boyfriend Jon, aka Skeleton Man, over and suggests that they remain in their "cute bikinis" so he doesn't get embarrassed.

Tarot jokes her sister about the possibility of her becoming a Girl Scout Leader and the two laugh knowing Raven does not exactly have a way with mortal children, however they consider the possibility of a scout troop for young witches. Just as she is starting to relax a tiny frost fairy appears bouncing off Ravens exposed chest and giving her a severe case of very localized frostbite.

Raven threatens the laughing fairy and gives her a razzberry only to get the tip of her tongue frozen by the little pixy who further responds by mooning her with her bare bottom and flying just out of reach.

Tarot warns her sister against messing with the frost fairy who has magical powers beyond that of the two sisters combined but her sister non the less catches her by her wings and proceeds to paddle her little bottom. Going so far as to dip her in the warm water and secure her in the top of her bikini for a, "special splash mountain booby ride."

Tarot admits it is a little funny and the girls laugh as Raven sends the pesky fairy flying and even blows her a fiery kiss. Raven sits back contented and starts to use her magic to build a few snowmen poolside. Unfortunately now the frost fairy has decided to enlist the help of the queen of the frost fairy's a very powerful fairy who is easily a match for the two sisters.

The Queen uses Raven's snowmen against her, possessing them and bringing them to life they attack the witches as they relax in their pool. The snowmen pull the sisters from their pool and encase them in their own bodies, their magic blocking any spells the witches try to cast. Tarot and Raven's bikinis are quickly lost and they are skyclad and freezing as they are manhandled by the snowmen.

Helpless and trapped in the bodies of the snowmen the two are taken away from Witch Hollow and through the portal to the fairy realm to the queen who is still getting a full report from the troublesome little frost fairy that began the whole event.

Meanwhile back at the mansion Jon arrives with a thermos of hot cocoa and finds an empty pool and two discarded bikinis. Seeing the two trails in the snow he putts two and two together and assumes they are off sledding.... naked. Jon rushes off in the direction of the snow trails to find the sisters, rushing headlong into the portal to the fairy realm.

Jon comes upon the the clearing where the witches are trapped by the snowmen and preparing to be judged by the Queen. He begins to sneak down the hill towards them until he slips in the snow and falls tumbling right into the back of Raven with his face presses into her bottom sending his cocoa flying.

The fairy queen interpenetrates the hot cocoa as a weapon against her, since warmth is the natural enemy of the frost fairies. The queen proceeds to pass judgement on Tarot and Raven declaring that they will receive three fold the torment they inflected on her minion to be dealt to them by the little pixy herself.

The punishment goes on through the night with the frost fairy paddling both sisters and freezing them as they lay bound and helpless. Finally, the punishment dealt, the fairy queen binds all three together at the waist, Tarot and the still unconscious Jon are back to back with Jon's hands above his head and Tarots in front of her, Raven and Jon find themselves face to face with Raven's hands behind her back.

The three bound together Raven begs Tarot not to move

What follows becomes very personal between the dark witch and the keeper of the forgotten cemetery. Tarot believes she can slip the bonds by wiggling out of them, but the sleeping Jon is not totally lifeless and as he and Raven are pressed together things get very intimate.

As Raven struggles to get free the queen reappears and to their surprise tells them the three are to be set free and there will be no further punishment since they are family. It appears that Pooky's little white love interest is a familiar to the queen and they have a adorable litter of goblin kittens.

The witches are let off with a warning and they return through the portal to the realm of man with the still sleeping Jon in tow. Once back in at Witch Hallow they return to their warm pool and Raven wonders if Jon will have any memory of the night, she clearly enjoyed the experience as continues to rub her foot up and down the unconscious Skeleton Man, but her sister reminds her fairy sleep is very deep and he will have no memory of the event if she doesn't speak of it.... or stop rubbing herself against him. As she laughs about the situation Pooky appears and delivers her another present, dropping a dead winged-rat right on Raven's head.







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This is just a short review but I wanted to note that this issue is A LOT of fun. Rereading it while writing the detailed plot summary reminded me why I love Tarot in the first place. Yes this is certainly a book for mature readers, there is a lot of nudity and a little sex. Its really funny, and it has a lot of character interaction between the main characters which is a delight to read. I would love to see more issues like this, this was Tarot at its best and why I fell in love with the book i...

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First off, it should be stated right from the start that this issue, as well as many others in the series is meant for mature readers and displays themes inappropriate for children.I myself enjoyed the issue, especially the friendly relationship between sisters (Raven Hex and Tarot), as they are often seen as enemies.However, my favorite parts of the comic are Raven comments and actions:I enjoyed all her jokes about Jon and found their interaction during the torture scene hilarious!Also, I liked...

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