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Green Lantern
Status: Deceased
Space Sector: 1417
Sector Partner: Service pre-dates Sector Partners
Predecessor: Katma Tui
Successor: Soranik Natu


A new recruit to the Green Lantern Corps, Tarkus Whin found his first day as a Green Lantern would also be his last. The star 1417.196 had been showing signs of instability. While planning the evacuation of the fifth planet in the system, the star went nova days earlier than expected. The worlds circling 1417.196 were incinerated and the star quickly collapsed into a black hole.  
The massive gravitational forces pulled Tarkus Whin into the black hole through to Space Sector 2828. He was unable to use his power ring to protect himself and was killed. As per its programming, Whin's power ring began to scan Sector 1417 to seek a worthy replacement and found Korugarian physician, Soranik Natu.    

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