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That Girl Next Door

 Girl Of Mystery
Tara Takamoto is a member of the assassin team loyal to Ben's father, the Crimson Hand. She was entrusted to protect Ben so that he could grow up one day and become the next emperor. Having Ben's memories put into his head at a very young age, the process went wrong somehow and when Ben became of the age to think and write, he created the blue moon novel which was actually his memories! Though not as she appears, it is unknown if Tara was really the same age as Ben. First meeting her at the age of 7, Ben instantly fell in love with her. Going through the years, Tara has gone to every school, class, and job to make sure that he lives to see his kingdom! 
 It's Just a Sewer
Now as an adult, Tara thought that The Hive wouldn't find them, however she was proved wrong when she met up with Ben and the hive controlling his co-workers. Taking action instantly she shot up many of Ben's mind controlled hive henchmen. Leaving to the roof, Ben was shocked to find out that the girl of his dreams is a shape-shifter!? Jumping off the roof leaving a special bomb for the hive, she killed lots of her and Ben's enemies. However that lead to them jumping off of a building. While in free fall, Tara told Ben to grab her waist so that she can activate the neutralization of inertia. Succeeding in that, the hive wasn't far from them, taking over the many citizens in that area. Tara and Ben stole a Ford Mustang to quickly escape, but the Hive ended up following them and Tara was forced to destroy a tunnel so that they can escape into the sewers. 
 A belt? 
On the other side of the city, Tara made sure that the perimeter of the high tech research facility was secured. Disguised as a security guard, Tara gave Ben an oversuit. Thinking it was just and average belt, Ben was shocked to find out that Tara was telling the truth. Tara explained that the Nanites in the oversuit ate his clothes to create the oversuit. Soon Tara explained to Ben that she has been protecting ben since he was 7-years-of-age and that she is a member of the elite team, the Crimson Hand! Taken by surprise, Tara is shot and temporarily knocked out. Grabbing Tara's gun, Ben takes down a Network Drone with Tara soon to wake up. As Tara awakens, she tells Ben that she is alright and that the suit absorbed the blast. Tara explains to Ben that if there was one drone, then that can only mean one thing - The Network has found them!  
As the Network is closing in, Tara decides to take action and tells Ben to run outside because staying boxed inside of the safe house would eventually get them killed. Tara takes down many of the Network robot drones and tries to clear a path. However while she is talking to Ben, Tara gets distracted and her hand gets blown off. Ben checks to see if Tara needs medical attention, but thanks to her healing factor she didn't feel a thing. Going back inside, Tara and Ben slam the door and then barricade it. Deciding that there is only one weapon left, she finally reveals the sacred Gauntlet!  
Tara explained that the Gauntlet belonged to Ben's biological Father. It is unknown if Ben's father is dead or alive, but Tara thinks that Ben's father is dead. Only blood from the Yaamin family can wield/use the Gauntlet's power! So Ben asks what he should do with it and Tara simply tells him to "put the glove on". Ben places the glove on his hand and asks Tara what to do next. She tells him to picture a blue-sided Pyramid in a glass sphere, Ben did this. The next step was to picture that Pyramid red, and soon after that a giant rainbow colored blast came from the Gauntlet. The blast was an EMP shot that rendered every electronic device useless within a thousand mile radius. With Network taken care of, Tara needed to get Ben to safety since he passed out while using it.  
 Hungry like a Beast!
When Ben finally awoke, Tara explained to him that he will learn how to use the Gauntlet without passing out. Driving to the place that baby Ben, Ben's biological mother, and Tara had first arrived to on Earth, Ben wondered about his spaceship. Tara told Ben that the spaceship that brought them to Earth was destroyed by Tara to cover up their tracks. Finally arrived at the rendezvous place, Tara told Ben to get some sleep. However, Ben wanted answers and Tara told him that "it isn't the right time yet", Ben soon went to sleep thinking about his life. As Ben really didn't want sleep, he found himself being awaken by Tara and telling him to look out the window. Ben realizes that the Pride has found them now!      

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