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Little is known about the man who introduced himself to the Defenders as Tapping Tommy. It seems possible that he had some formal tapdancing training before he became an agent of Maggia.

Significant Stories

Tapping Tommy's first adventure involved the abduction of Kyle Richmond. Tommy, now having left Maggia, decided kidnapping was the best way to make the money he needed to escape the organization. The ransom note was taken to Dr. Strange who summoned the Hulk and Valkyrie to help rescue Kyle. At one point it seemed the Defenders would save the day, when Tapping Tommy hit them with gas bombs that rendered them unconscious. The four Defenders woke up manacled to the wall and were repeatedly beaten, scratched and hit with canes by robot tapdancers who sang "We're In The Money." The Defenders escaped the substandard restraints and the Hulk headbutted Tommy into submission.

Tapping Tommy has not been since, perhaps Maggia was able to bring the final curtain down on him after all.


Tapping Tommy was created by Bill Mantlo and Sam Grainger in 1975 and first appeared in The Defenders # 30.


Tapping Tommy possesses no superhuman powers.

Equipment and Gear

Tapping Tommy had a bladed tapdancing cane, a number of knockout gas grenades, and a host of tapdancing robots that were controlled by his assistant Hodges.

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