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Delbert grew up as a sweet little boy but turned into drugs after his parents died. He had a hard time coping and lost hope. Delbert began to lose control and became Tantrum, a thug-for-hire in the Castro district. He accelerated all his natural physical abilities through a wide variety of drugs and chemicals. He also discovered that he was living with a brain tumor and was going insane. He began to kill innocent victims by breaking their necks and would eventually run into Night Thrasher. Tantrum wanted to die because he was afraid to live with a disease. Tantrum told Night Thrasher that he would keep on killing until someone kills him. During their fight, Tantrum turns his attention to an old friend named Mrs McCann and puts a knife to her throat. Night Thrasher fires a shot from his gauntlet and incapacitates Tantrum. Mrs. McCann was saved and Tantrum survived but was taken into police custody. 
After his brain tumor was removed and he was forced to stop using drugs his powers disappeared and his intellect returned. 
Tantrum's natural physical abilities were enhanced by drugs and chemicals.

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