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Tanis was roughly six feet tall, wide-set, with tan skin, green eyes, and shoulder-length brownish-red hair that was streaked with silver in his later years. He wore a beard for most of his life, which matched his hair color. He had high, chiseled cheekbones, a lean and muscled torso, and brooding eyes that he got from his mother. Tanis was known for his calm and steady-going nature as well as his honesty, rarely telling a lie. He was the wisest man that Caramon Majere ever met (according to Caramon), though he was never allowed to take his elven rite of passage into adulthood. He could speak Camptalk, Qualinesti Elven, Silvanesti Elven, and a little Goblin. He had some skill with needle and thread, and learned his excellent archery skills from Tyresian. He preferred beaded moccasins to elven boots, knew how to play the gittern and psaltery, and liked to collect rare and finely crafted bows. His seal was that of an aspen leaf.

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