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On Earth-247, Tangleweb was a member of an arachnoid race in the 30th century with their own distinct language and feeble culture. Tangleweb sought to take advantage of his people by raiding nearby ships and visitors to acquire their technology and language. Eventually, Tangleweb amassed enough technology and intelligence that he was able to bully his people into obeying his orders as well as upgrade them into his soldiers. During one of his raids, he was met by the fledgling Legion of Super-Heroes and killed Kid Quantum before escaping. He was later hunted down and defeated by the Legion of Super-Heroes. Tangleweb was likely destroyed along with the rest of Earth-247 during Infinite Crisis.
In addition to his eight-leg physique and brute stature like all of his people, Tangleweb was equipped with various devices that allowed him to directly feed off a victim's brain and acquire their knowledge. He was adhesive and able to spit a sticky glue to cocoon his victims in.

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