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Tangle is recruited into the New Enforcers and serve the Foreigner. Tangle and her other teammates which include Thermite, Blitz, Eel, Vanisher, Plantman, Super Adaptoid, Dreadnought and Dragon Man would come into conflict with Spider Man and the Blood Rose.

Spider Man is all tangled up.

Blood Rose would infiltrate the Foreigner's compound and be greeted by Super Adaptoid, Dreadnought and Dragon Man. Blood Rose has a giant magnetic pulse generator and uses it to turn the three androids against each other. Blood Rose meets the rest of the New Enforcers when the Vanisher teleports his team to stop Fisk. Tangle uses her high-tensile organic filaments to restrain Blood Rose while Plantman uses his vines to wrap up the intruder. Blood Rose gets help from Spider Man in his new armor suit but the wall-crawler is immediately wrapped up by Tangle after he takes an electric blast from the Eel. Spider Man quickly recovers and yanks Tangle forward with her own filaments. Tangle's right knee slams into the ground and she passes out from the pain. Tangle and the rest of the New Enforcers are eventually defeated by Spider Man and Blood Rose.


Tangle was created by Terry Kavanagh and Alex Saviuk in 1993 and first appeared in Web of Spider-Man # 100.

Powers & Abilities

Tangle has the ability to shoot high-tensile organic filaments from her fingertips. It is unknown whether she is a mutant or her powers were granted through artificial means. However she did receive power-enhancement treatments when she joined the New Enforcers. Tangle uses these filaments to restrain and strangle her opponents.

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