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Indicia titled as "Tangent Comics/ The Atom".

It was an experiment that hadn't been attempted since the 1950s. Take a recognizable DC Comic character's name and scrap nearly everything else. Start from the ground up and create a new character around the super hero moniker. The first time this strategy was employed in the 1950s, the Silver Age of Comics was born, giving an excited readership characters like the Barry Allen / Flash, and Hal Jordan / Green Lantern. The second time it was tried years later, the result was Tangent Comics.

A series of 9 one-shots springing from the imagination of writer / artist Dan Jurgens, the Tangent Comics imprint introduced an entirely new universe of heroes, with the Atom ironically standing the tallest among them. Now an atomic-powered icon in the Tangent Universe, with similarities to Superman, the Atom was the heir to a legacy of super heroes, as detailed in hi sself titled special written and pencilled by Dan Jurgens. Sharing a universe with many altered faces, including an optimistically bright Flash, a grave - walking Green Lantern, a rebellious female Joker, and a clandestine operation called Nightwing (who all featured in their own Tangent specials), the Atom soon helped super hero team the secret six found their own one-shot title. In the end, the Tangent universe proved fairly popular with readers and it earned a second run of 9 issues in 1998 and a 12 issue mini series a decade later.

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