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Tamora and her twin sister Kat were unexpected births , deemed so by their father Henry Mitchell .They were born sometime around mid -to-late 2007 . They lived fairly normal lives until mid 2008 when the girls not only they welcomed their adoptive brother Henry Mitchell Jr. into the family ,they also finally came into their powers , Paige and Henry argued about their daughters powers briefly seeing as how Tam almost burned their house down with her new power of Molecular Acceleration , Paige decided to bind Tamora's powers until she grew old enough to learn how to use and control them . It was also revealed in Charmed issue 17 "Family Shatters " that Kat's powers were bound as well .


Basic Powers : Spell Casting , Scrying , Potion Making

Kat Mitchell and her twin sister Tamora have been revealed to have inhereted Piper Halliwell's powers of Molecular Immobilization and Molecular Combustion but according to Phoebe they've gotten low level versions of her powers to were Kat can slow objects down and Tam can speed molecules up to the point where she can cause objects to burn , melt and even catch on fire .

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