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Tambi is a ruthless and efficient killer and psychological torturer. She never lets friendship come between her and a kill and is just as dangerous to her controller as her targets. 
She has a twin sister called Bambi who has a slightly rounder face other wise physically they are the same.
She can also be distinguished from her sister by the lily tattoo on her ankle, Bambi has hers on her arm.   
Initially she shes like a mere hired thug but as the story proceeds she becomes more fo central player. She is Darcy parker's head of security. She takes it on herself to remove Darcy parker as head of the parker girls when she gets out of control and blows a deal that leads to mass media attention of their operations. 
She hires and controls Bath and Cherry hammer to clean up the mess left after Veronica also gets removed as head of the organisation. 
She initially also appears to have no love for Katina and even professes that she will kill her without remorse, dropping her off a 43rd floor balcony. Fortunately this was a setup and she landed a few feet below at Darcy's feet and with Darcy listening all the while. 
Later it transpires that she hired Casey as an office girl who got bored and upgraded her toa  field agent looking out for Katchoo.  

During Francine's kidnap she also has her protected by having one of her agents keeping her safe under the nose of Veronica. 

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