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Tama was the right hand of a Japanese Warlord in the 14th Century. She was betrayed by the warlord's wife who had killed her husband and placed his brother on the throne so she could rule from the shadows. Tama, surrounded by hordes of Ninja, fell on her own sword rather than allow the Ninja's the honor of killing her. Her spirit came to reside within her Katana. Stryke, a world famous assassin & mercenary was hired by a business man known as Tenzen to retrieve the sword. Unknown to Stryke and her guide, Elena Quartermain, Tenzen had no intention of allowing the two women to return the sword to him (or pay them the remainder of their fees). Tenzen hired ninjas to eliminate the two women. The duo proved very formidable and during the encounter the leader of the Ninjas drew the sword which released Tama's spirit. The swordswoman killed the ninja and then presented Stryke with the sword. Stryke and Quartermain returned to Tenzen and presented him with the sword. When Tenzen tried to use the sword to kill the two women Tama's spirit returned and killed him.

Stryke then kept the sword, hinting to her partner and lover that she believed Tama had returned.

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