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Unlike most Skrulls, Talos was born unable to shape shift. But, he did not let this stop him from becoming a savage fighter and a great army commander. He added cyborg parts to his body to make him even stronger and soon became one of the most feared fighters. He would soon be captured by the Kree and did not obey the Skrull rules saying to commit suicide when you are captured. After his release he was shamed by his fellow Skrulls. After this the Skrull empress wanted him to redeem himself but he denied it and tried dieing in the battle. Later after the battle, Talos attended a civil ceremoney where he would end up fighting a Kree soldier and soon enough a much greater foe. After his first fight, Talos came in contact with the unstoppable Hulk. Talos wanted to fight against the Hulk so if he died he would be honored by dieing against a worthy opponent. During the fight, all of the Skrulls want thier fellow brother to lose but the Hulk wanting no part of the fight faked losing and pretended to beg for his life not to be taken. Talos showed mercy and walked away with his fellow Skrulls who were now loyal to him because of what thet thought was his victory over the Hulk. After that Talos was captured by the Shaper of Worlds but ended up escaping. Then he would help Ronan the accuser escape from a planet before it exploded. Talos would then join the United Front.

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