Why are they cutting off Talon?

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This comic actually has decent amount of action and a great story line. Calvin isn't some flawless hero which makes him relatable to everyday people. He has his doubt and that makes him human not to mention he's one of the few escape artist of the DCU to actually be noticeable, and unlike Mr. Miracle who is a New God, Calvin is just Human which makes his skill even more impressive.

The art for this comic was pretty legit for the first volume, then there was an awkward phase for a bit then went straight back to awesome! And the issues were selling out pretty well! Almost every time I visited a comic shop the owners would tell me they sold out of Talon issues

So my question is this, why are they dropping a such successful comic?

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The last sold under 20,000 copies, which is where they seem to start considering cancellation. If your local shops were selling out, maybe they just hadn't ordered many to begin with.

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DC seem to be dropping a few books lately some are not selling that bad, they may just be clearing the pallet for some planed books.

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Damn shame. One of my favorite DC books and its ending. A Bat related title but far enough removed to stand on its own.

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Anyone here still wondering who or what is the First Talon they mentioned in the Court of Owls one shot?

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