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Skrull Commander H'jke Jeeku is a veteran of deep-void naval engagements that was overtaken by a sentient Raptor Armor named Shir Ydrn Talonis which was virtually identical to the suit of armor worn by Chris Powell a.k.a. Darkhawk, but is adorned with a blue amulet instead of a red one like Darkhaw's Raptor Armor has. Talon first encountered Darkhawk when he crashed into Chris's backyard while on the run from a Hunter Drone that he claims was sent by those who oppose the work that The Fraternity of Raptors does. Talon has shown that his knowledge and understanding of how the Raptor Armor functions and what it's truly capable of are far superior to Chris's.

Mayor Story Arcs

H'jke Jeeku

H'jke Jeeku moments before becoming Talon
Commander Jeeku was one the many warriors who fought against Humanity during the Skrull invasion of Earth. After their shameful defeat on Earth, H'jke Jeeku led his wounded fleet to avoid further massacre and tried to hide his army in the Aranko Nebula. Sadly for him and his fleet, they were intercepted by the vengeful Inhumans and were decimated by Black Bolt's deadly scream. The remnants of the Skrull Armada under his command as well as the corpses of everyone in the fleet were left stranded and floating in space with only one silent survivor: H'jke Jeeku. Moments before his death, he saw a bizarre crystal. Thinking that his mind was playing tricks on him, he approached this mysterious light, but as soon as he touched it, he was absorbed by the crystal. Only one being emerged from the explosion: Shir Ydrn Talonis a.k.a. Talon.

Talon meets Darkhawk

What he reveals is that the Fraternity of Raptors has been around for Eons and that they serve as architects of the Universal fate. Their objective is to safeguard the advance of the Galactic Culture. They influence, adjust, shape and improve for the outcome of the greater good. He states that the Raptors haven't been doing their work for a Millennium and he only recently awoken. The universe without the guiding hand of the Raptors have been sliding out of control and with the upcoming cosmic war he has crossed the galaxy to find the only other of his kind to to not only teach him but also for Chris to aid him in the task of the Raptors to preform their role for the greater good. Together with Darkhawk he travels to the Negative Zone by gating them

Talon and Razor
While traveling through the Negative Zone brings about a battle that to Talon and Darkhawk that threatens to overwhelm them till Talon engages them in his superior battle armor that he reconfigured to and nullified the threat. He shows a strong distaste at Darkhawk's qualms about murder in the light of the fact that the enemy was trying to kill them and also in Darkhawk's inability to reconfigure. When confronted with an angry Darkhawk, he again shows his superior skill in ending the fight before it begins.

Chris keeps at him with questions about the Fraternity of Raptors and what it is exactly that they do but Talon is evasive in most of his answers as he keeps telling Chris to keep his anger in check so that the armor can bond with him properly and that all will be clear once Chris bonds properly with the suit and the Datasong can explain everything. Upon finding the Cosmic Rod Talon shows Darkhawk other capabilities that he wasn't aware the suit had. T hey go in to extract it but are engaged once more by the enemy who are guarding the Rod.

Talon then tricks Darkhawk into accessing it full combat mode by opening his mind which he does so believing that Talon is cornered. Talon achieves his first step of his plan as the suit grip on Chris is now complete. Chris realizing who and what the Fraternity of Raptors truly is confronts Talon. Talon again subdues Chris but with a bit more difficulty this time. He explains that he only needed Chris to open his mind so he could expunge Chris, whom he views as a parasite, from the Raptor suit. Interacting with Darkhawk's Amulet he awakens the sentient suit. Who declares that the human has been flushed out and that he goes by the name of Razor. Talon then states that they have much work to do.

War of Kings

Talon being purged
Talon quickly allies himself with Blastaar but shows that he is the superior one in their alliance. After that he sends Razor to assassinate Lilandra while he goes to meet with Vulcan and introduces the Fraternity of Raptors to the Emperor. He soon finds Vulcan unfit as a pawn for the Fraternity's agenda for the Shi'Ar and as the current custodian of the Shi'Ar Imporium. He orders Vulcan to prove his worthiness by having his forces stand down while Talon difuse the civil unrest back on the Shi'Ar Throne world.
He however finds Vulcan disobeying by engaging Black Bolt. He decides to let the two destroy each other and the bomb detonate which will then leave the Shi'Ar vulnerable and crying out for leadership which the Fraternity will then provide as the bomb will also reveal more amulets and increase the Fraternity's number.
He soon however discovers that Chris has since reacquiered control of the Armor and moreover has bonded better and by extension has full control over the suit. The two once more battle each other destroying a Shi'Ar warship in the process. Talon this time around is unable to defeat Chris as he has done on all their previous engagements and is purged from the armor back to Null space much like Chris did to Razor. He fights to reassert himself but the Skrull quickly destroys them both by jumping into the engine drive core of the ship. 

Realm of Kings 

Talon later appears in the Imperial guard disguised as smasher. The Guard discovers him when he tries to Sabotage their ship by removing the Hyperdrive Capacitor. Plutonia quickly takes two Amulets that Talon is trying to hide. When Gladiator arrives he is first very unhappy to see Talon but Talon convinces Gladiator that he is on the side of the Shi'ar and he's not againest them and he was only trying to help. Talon offers to turn create two more Raptors with the Amulets he has and that it would help the Imperial Guard out a lot in the battle. Gladiator agrees but Talon needs two volunteers to become the Raptors and he describes the process as being "permanent", so Mentor and than Plutonia volunteer to become a Raptor. Then Talon and Gladiator along with the rest of the Imperial Guard and Plutonia and Mentor (now Raptors), lead an assault againest the creatures of the Fault. Following the end of the war, the Fraternity of the Raptors returned to the Shi'ar Empire to continue their plans.     


Raptor Armor

War Flight Armor
Talon wears a suit Raptor Armor similar to Darkhawk's with the difference being mainly that the Amulet is blue in color. The Raptor Armor is linked to "The Datasong" which feeds information through the Raptor Armor and then transfers it directly into the wearer's mind. Almost any kind of information, including past memories or possible future events, can be fed through the Datasong to the wearer. The Amulet on the suit chest grants the ability to create energy blasts, a generate energy shields for the suit or force fields around others. By simply focusing the wearer can draw variant armors from the amulet to serve any given combat situation.

For example there is the War Flight Armor which gives increased resistance due to its bulkier layering and carries micro-munitions as ordinance. The Raptor Armor itself grants enhanced physical abilities along with flight, retractable talons, a grapple cable and retractable glider wings that can double as shields. The Grapple Cable can also be used to create raptor-like scout birds which the wearer can see through and operate remotely. The Raptor Armor is also capable of interstellar flight and creating stargates much like Richard Rider a.k.a. Nova is able to.

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