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Feared among criminal circles as "The Lord of Jackals," the albino assassin Talon has practiced his murderous trade for a thousand years, mastering several martial arts and forms of armed combat. As leader of Sanctuary's assassins guild, Talon often sent prospective killers to train under Mr. Moto's guidance. A fortunate few received tutelage from the ancient assassin himself (including Cassy), with whom he shared a two month fling. Though he holds a deep-seated distrust in humanity, Talon has grown to appreciate the two human assassins under his employ, even promoting Lester Gran to become his lieutenant.

From the beginning, Talon disliked the notion of employing Lusiphur. "I don't work with psychopaths," he argued, citing the elf's overenthusiastic slaying of the Dwarven assassin Ghost. Due to Talon's paranoia, Morachi kept the raven-haired elf under surveillance, always mindful of his potential threat. When Lusiphur finally snapped, Morachi was on the receiving end of his wrath. His kneecaps shot, the Gulldmaster asked Talon to personally hunt Lusiphur down. The master assassin gladly accepted the honor. Disguised, Talon got close to Lusiphur and his friend, Jace, but was interrupted by the nosy Mandratha Guard. Immediately after Luse recognized his former boss, a fight erupted between the police and the three Elves.

Before Talon could attack his Intended target, Lusiphur collapsed from fatigue. Jace leapt to Luse's defense, but suffered wound after wound. The assassin was clearly impressed - over seven years had passed since his last confrontation with a worthy opponent. He gloated, "You did move fast enough to survive me for this long. Be proud. Die happy." Just as Talon was about to deliver the killing blow, the revived Lusiphur shot him multiple times, blowing nearly as many holes through Talon's flesh as Ghost's corpse. Rumor of his death spread fast throughout the underworld, and the knowledge drove Morachi into madness.    

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