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Talon's Creed

So there was a 'crossover' between this series and Birds of Prey, but honestly the entire story happened in BoP #21. This issue promises to be a full second part of the story, especially with the cover, but honestly it only takes the first few pages to just finish out the epilogue kind of stuff from the crossover. I'm a little confused at how some of that worked, I mean, why was Calvin fighting so hard before if there would end up being a way to avoid killing Strix? He had to know Strix was just like him before going into this, otherwise The Court wouldn't want her dead. So it feels like he got out of the situation far too easily in this issue, sure he showed them a dying 'Talon' body, but the Court is still taking his word for a it far too much based on what we've seen of them.

I was basically ok with Sepulveda's debut work last issue, but this issue I'm not feeling it as much. Ok, there's definitely a chance that I'm personally looking for reasons not to like his art here since I miss Guillem March, but a lot was just really off in this issue. Sebastian Clark looks strange, and Calvin's beard is crazy inconsistent. But mostly, and I'm not sure if Tynion designed them badly or Sepulveda drew them badly, I can't stand the bizarre and awkward designs for Bane's key henchmen. They all just look so stupid with funky body proportions and wacky faces. Bane himself is such an iconic and classic foe, it's disappointing to see him surrounded by such wonky and goofy right hand men.

The story for this issue played out pretty well overall. We got a lot of nice showcasing of Calvin's talents, a nice heavy focus on stealth with all the details filled in. And the details worked in that way where they enhance the experience by demonstrating both exactly why the island is so secure, and exactly how it can be beat; it wasn't a bunch of excessive exposition. We also see Calvin begin his work on dismantling the psychological trap The Court built around him. This series definitely has a core tone to it, and even with the massive status quo changes, Tynion has kept the core intact, and that's definitely a good thing.

In Conclusion: 3.5/5

This series is still churning out a lot of the same good things it always has, but I personally feel like some of the soul is missing without March's art, especially with Sepulveda's flair for giant characters with wildly cartoony proportions. It really takes away from the dark and intense atmosphere when the villains are all so weird and silly looking.

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