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Talon #7


It is the last issue for Guillem March, so sad day. But we still get to see what happens to Calvin Rose, and Sarah Washington as they discover the truth behind Sebastian Clark. The cover doesn't lie, as Bane makes his appearance and things get crazier than they have been for the last couple of issues. You will not want to miss the shocking conclusion, but on to the review!!!


After last issue's shocking revelation, we pick up right where we left off. There was a lot of suspicion behind Clark, but I have to give a special shout-out to Batwatch for calling this. Tynion has really set something up, and it is great to see this play out. I like the idea that Clark is not apart of the Court, at least anymore, but could really be a villain for Rose to face in the future. There is also a betrayal amongst the O'Malley's, which really wasn't that hard to figure out. This change of heart actually does make sense, and I wish that this concept wasn't used in issue 2, but still it was used great here. We finally see the fated Calvin/Batman meet up, and what Batman tells him really does make sense. It doesn't look like they will be the best of friends, which is actually a nice touch that many probably weren't expecting. The ending was another huge shocker, and definitely leaves the reader begging for the next issue. Lastly, can I say how much I love Casey. She really is a great character, and she stood out in this issue while so much was going on. The ending leaves her with an ambiguous future, but it is something that will drive this series.

This is Guillem's last issue, and he definitely is leaving some big shoes to fill. This isn't my favorite issue of his, but I really felt that he was perfect for this series and it is really sad to see him go.

BEST STORY MOMENT: Calvin beating the crap out of Clark, and Bane's scene are some of my favorite moments from this issue and possibly out of the series. The other would be Calvin busting out of B-man's super dooper handcuffs so freaking easily.

BEST ART MOMENT: There are essentially two pages of Bane, and they were done beautifully. Guillem left his last pages in such high standards that the next artist coming in will have to stay at that level.


There were a lot of things I liked and loved about this issue, but there were also a lot of things I didn't care for as well. I really liked how fast the pace shifted once Calvin got Casey's message, but that leaves the question as to what will happen with the Court now. I know I have heard that this series will have to depend on something other than the Court, and James has mentioned a game changer and this is definitely a game changer. But I don't know how I feel about it yet. If Calvin is going to have his war with Clark and Bane, why would he keep acting as a Talon or at least dressing as one. I personally loved the outfit that Calvin used in issue 1, and he could still act as a Talon, but using their symbol might not be the best thing moving forward. Even though I loved the art work in the Batman scene, I really felt that it halted the pace of the issue. I see why it was used, and ultimately it isn't the biggest deal in the world. The fate of Casey and Sarah is also giving me a bit of worry, as their presence in Calvin's life is so essential and to have at least Casey out of the book could In the end these are just a bunch of minor concerns, nothing detrimental to the series

Ever since issue 4, I felt that March had started sort of slacking in some areas. It just didn't feel like the same consistency of issues 0, 1, and 3. This issue was incredibly inconsistent. The opening page was good, and the whole Securitus office scene was OK, then Clark and Sarah's interactions were good, and then the Batman stuff was just great. And right when it looked like things were improving, the scene with Calvin escaping has a background with just outlines. It feels like this issue was rushed, and ultimately not finished. The ending was a high not, which is what Guillem needed, but it was just a bit off.

WORST STORY MOMENT: The Batman interaction wasn't necessarily bad was out of place.

WORST ART MOMENT: Calvin escapes from Batman, and Guillem really put no effort in that page. Either something came up, and he ultimately had to rush or buildings have no windows anymore. I think its the former.


In the end, this was still a really good issue. James wasn't kidding when he said this was a game changer, and the ending will shock your socks off. The future of this series could go anywhere, and I find that fascinating. New artist Miguel Sipulveda looks like he is up to the task, so if anyone wants to jump on the book, now is the time. I would recommend this to any Talon fans, but any newer readers might want to go back to past issues first. Til next time!!!

STORY: 4.5/5
ART: 4/5

SCORE: 4/5


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