tomlikesfries's Talon #1 - The Gotham Trap review

The price of Freedom

The Good:

Two issues... two issues is all I've read and I'm already in love with this series.

Scott and Tynion do a spectacular job with this ''first'' number. The script, the plot and the writing is so damn good that I felt like I wanted to cry while I was reading (just kidding, but it WAS good).

Guillem March and Morey do an awesome work with the art. Seriously, I was freaking surprised by this issue. I liked how March drew Calvin's facial expressions, as we could really see his anger and fear.

I pooped my goddamn pants (just kidding... again) after that fight between Calvn and a girl Talon. Honestly, it looked like a movie! The way he put that knife through her neck was so bad@ss. And then, just to make things better, a guy named Sebastian Clark (I think he is evil...) ''abducts'' Calvin and takes him to his place, where he explains that to earn his freedom, Calvin Rose must kill all the sixteen Talons that survived and are in multiple different places, otherwise, he will be hunted for the rest of his life and the assassins of the Court of Owls will kill the woman that Calvin saved in issue #0 and her baby to make him come out of the shadows.

The Bad



5/5 stars. This issue was amazing. If you haven't given this title a shot, go pick issue #0 and this right now! You will not be disappointed.


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