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The price of Freedom 0

The Good:Two issues... two issues is all I've read and I'm already in love with this series.Scott and Tynion do a spectacular job with this ''first'' number. The script, the plot and the writing is so damn good that I felt like I wanted to cry while I was reading (just kidding, but it WAS good).Guillem March and Morey do an awesome work with the art. Seriously, I was freaking surprised by this issue. I liked how March drew Calvin's facial expressions, as we could really see his anger and fear.I ...

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Move Over Dick ,Theres Talon ! 0

The Great: The greatness of this issue started on page 1. WOW. Does March know how to draw a talon..Pages of pages of fan-static art. We get run into the same talon that Batgirl fought. Man she's tough cookie. Also get into the history of Gotham. Really cool stuff. Also another Famous DC City is mentioned,loved how james and scott planned that out. Loved the dialogue between Casey Washington (the talon) and Calvin. James actually gives her a little origin . If you were wondering if Calvin has su...

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The Psychotic Perspective: Talon #1 0

The Gotham TrapThe zero issue of Talon was a solid story, but it left me with one main concern. Can a series about an escape artist really go the distance? In last month’s issue alone, Calvin made four masterful escapes. That may be fun for a time, but how long can a series continue to produce death traps for its hero? At the same time, Calvin obviously has more going on than just his escape artistry even if that is his headlining feature. Does this issue round out the character and show that Ta...

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The War Against the Owls Continues Here 0

If you liked the whole batman thing with the owls (who didn't ) and you want to see more of it, you can find it here as the latest batbook starts (not counting issue 0 which was a good one though).The issue starts with our hero Calvin Rose, the only talon to escape the court of owls returning to gotham. He has heard the news of the aftermath of the night of the owls and wants to make sure batman truly defeated them. Reaching to one of the court’s hideout he is instantly attacked by a surviving t...

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Art: The cover is great, and the logo only adds to it. The art itself is also really nice, the action scenes are really well done and if you look closely you might just find an Easter egg(it's a reference to Zurr En Arr)Story and Script.The beginning of the issue is a bit wordy. I like wordy, I love wordy but I honestly don't care about all these facts about Gotham. The action sequences are really well done.We learn why Calvin is going to take up the mantle of Talon and it makes sense. I like th...

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Solid #1, But Pass-able 0

Why I Bought ItLike most new titles, I give it three issues to really sink my teeth into it and see if it has legs to stand on. Let's see how the second issue (which is strange to say about a book with a big #1 on the cover) of this series goes.What I LikedThis is a decent story. It does everything that it needs to as a first issue. And if you missed the last issue, no worries here, this one recaps almost everything. Name checks are given, motivation for characters are spot on. We even get a lit...

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Every Rose has its thorn.. 0

Talon was a book that immediatly perked my interest when it was announced during the last wave of new 52 (we still call it that?) of books, mostly because the Owls are a fascinating foe and took on Batman and his extended family and nearly won! The prospect of a rogue Talon sounded great to me, i always find these kinds of stories to have the most potential and of course having Scott Snyder co-plotting on the story dosent hurt.Although i didnt review the zero issue i actually read and enjoyed it...

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James Tynion IV : Escape from Scott Snyder 0

I must admit i was pretty skeptical when DC announced an all new series based on Talons, the unstoppable assassins we discovered in Scott Snyder's Court of Owls. I mean, the Bat universe already had enough series (11 were implicated in the "Night of the Owls" crossover), did we really need a new one, based on something (the Court, the Talons) we've been fattened with for almost a year? Besides, it was James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder's former student, that was done the task to write this series (de...

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A really great first issue 0

As far as first issues go, Talon 1 is really great. Great art, great action and tons of story packed into one issue. The main characters seem interesting, the relationship is interesting and the motivation is as strong as it gets. It seems like they will be going all over the country in the story. I would have preferred it stayed in Gotham but I guess that is not in the cards for the first few storylines. Still it's well worth the price of admission, I hope future issues are as packed with...

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