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Talokians come from three different planets, Talok III, Talok IV and Talok VIII. Each planet has its own sub-planet and each sub-planet has its own subspecies. Talokians from Talok III have light blue skin and Talokians from Talok VIII have dark blue skin.

Talok III

The people of Talok III are harsh warriors that live to conquer planet after planet. Mikaal Tomas was sent to Earth to conquer it, however after the death of his girlfriend, Mikaal had a change of heart. He met his commander, Komak, who told him Talok III had been destroyed. He also fought his girlfriend's murderer, Turran Kha.

Talok IV

Lyssa Drak of the Sinestro Corps states she is from Talok IV, the apparent successor planet to Talok III. Nothing is known about the Talokians of Talok IV, however it can be assumed that the Talokians of Talok III colonized a new planet. Lyssa Drak is the keeper of the Book of Parallax. She is captured during the Sinestro Corps War and kept in a Sciencell. Lyssa escaped during a prison break and finds the Book of the Black hidden deep under Oa. The Scarred Guardian shoves her inside the book and keeps her captive. She later confronts Sinestro for abandoning him and she manages to pull all the leaders of the different Corps into the Book of the Black, except for Hal Jordan.

Talok VIII

Lyrissa Mallor was the planetary champion of Talok VIII and was given the ability to control darkness. She gave herself up as a slave to the Dominators in return for sparing her people. After rebelling, she joined L.E.G.I.O.N. Her daughter, Lydea Mallor followed in her footsteps and also possessed shadow powers.

As her ancestors before her for the past thousand years, Tasmia Mallor is a hereditary shadow champion of Talok VIII. She is the planetary champion in the 31st century and joined the Legion of Super-Heroes as Shadow Lass. Her cousin, Grev Mallor, can also manipulate shadow and has joined the Legion Academy as Shadow Kid.

Powers and Abilities

Talok III

Talokians from Talok III possess no super powers, however Mikaal gains super strength and the ability to fly through a sonic crystal he was given before traveling to Earth.

Talok VIII

The Shadow Champion is able to tap into an unknown and ancient connection to the source of darkness in the universe. They receive the gift from the ancient spirits of their ancestral caves. The intense darkness they create can engulf large areas of space, causing an absolute absence of light which very few can penetrate with their vision. The Champion is able to control the shape of the darkness, from a large cloud to a tight beam of concentrated shadows.

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