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''Be careful, my proud warrior.

There are evil spirits a foot.

I -- I can hear them whispering in the winter wind.''

-Tall Bird.

Jonah Hex

Tall Bird was a Native American woman who became the second wife of Jonah Hex and was married to him at the time of his death. She outlived him by over a quarter of a century.

Shortly after the life story of Hex was documented, Jonah was killed. His corpse was stolen from Tall Bird, being missing until it was discovered by historians a quarter of a century later. A young scholar attempts to interview her about the missing gaps in Jonah's life on public record, but they are assaulted by a ruthless collector of Western memorabilia. Before the evil collector can murder them he is gunned down, and the implication is that Jonah Hex's spirit returned from beyond the grave to protect his wife one last time.

Other media

Cassie in ''Jonah Hex''

An amalgam version of Tall Bird and Cassie Wainwright appears in the 2010' film Jonah Hex. In the movie Jonah and ''Cassie'' are married and have a son named ''Travis Hex''. Cassie and Travis were killed by Quentin Turnbull and his men because Turnbull blamed Jonah Hex for the death of his son, Jeb, at the Fort Charlotte Massacre during the Civil War.

Cassie was played by Julia Jones.

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