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Talisman was originally a criminal, an extremely unsuccessful one.  Talisman's karma gives him good luck when he's "good" and bad luck when he's "bad" guaranteeing his attempted crimes were doomed to fail.  So, despite his self-serving tendencies, Talisman found himself recruited by Challenger to become a member of Georwell's  Justice Machine.

Fellow Justice Machine member Titan affectionately describes Talisman this way; "Every family has someone like him," a reference to Talisman's projected persona of callousness and cynicism.  Talisman often plays the role of obnoxious weasal, with a favorite quote from his teammates being "Shut up, Talisman!"  Talisman, however, often demonstrates hidden depths.  In combat situations Talisman attempts to stay close to his teammates, increasing the chance that his karma will protect them as well. 

Talisman has also formed a strong friendship with Demon, unintentionally making himself a target during Demon's Edge induced rampage, and mourning him after his apparent death.  After Demon's death Talisman worked with Youthquake and Titan crush an attempt by the Georwell council to produce Edge, an exceptionally addictive performance enhancing drug, on Earth.

After the apparent deaths of Demon and Challenger Talisman took an aggressive role in attempting to track down the mysterious figure hunting the Justice Machine members throughout New Atlantis.  These efforts failed, with Talisman eventually being captured and replaced with a robot double, along with team members Titan and Diviner.

The robot duplicate of Talisman was eventually discovered by Justice Machine members Blazer and Youthquake, who, with assistance from the returned Challenger and Demon, freed their teammates.

During the Georewell invasion of Earth Talisman returned with Demon, Maxinor and Titan to Georwell to aid the rebellion there. Talisman played a key role in proving he and his companions authenticity to the rebels, since his karma power was considered all but impossible to duplicate.

Powers and Abilities

Talisman's karmic powers are broad ranging in affect, with both obvious and subtle aspects.  When Talisman is "good" his powers protect him, and sometimes his teammates, from harm.  Examples include relatively simple effects, like opponents slipping during battle, to near miraculous events like walking through an explosive fire unscratched.  The positive aspect of his powers also seems to help Talisman win games of chance.

When Talisman is "bad" his Karma punishes him.  This is seen less often, but seems to range from minor incidents, like allowing his teammates to manhandle him after he has been obnoxious, to more significant events, such as having his gun jam during battle.

Talisman's karma is often used strategically by his teammates.  A favorite tactic is to allow Talisman to be taken hostage during combat, and then take advantage of the bad luck that befalls his captors.

Talisman often carries a gun and demonstrates some skill in it's use, and has demonstrated some basic abilities in unarmed combat, although it is difficult to assess how such abilities are influenced by his karma.

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