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The leader of the Druids, Taliesen became one of the first sorcerers, using magic to create the Seven Talismans of the Circle, powerful magical weapons capable of killing angels and demons. Under the counsel of the demon lord Maz-el, Taliesen began to wage war on Christianity with his magic. 
In the year 430 AD, God sent his Warhost, including the angel Avengelyne, to stop Taliesen and the Druids. The angels killed Maz-el and Avengelyne offered Taliesen mercy in exchange for the talismans. Defeated, the angels took six of the talismans, Taliesen apparently escaping with one. He vowed to return centuries later during what he referred to as the Great Conjunction and to specifically come for Avengelyne.   
As promised, the sorcerer returned with four of the talismans in tow. He planned to gather the remaining three and to use Avengelyne to help him. He lured her in by impersonating Father Peter. With his magic, he was able to remove the white fire from her and possess her, making her into his evil servant. They planned to take the remaining talismans from the Crymelord, who just so happened to be making an attack on his enemy Lord B'liale.  
They were able to obtain two, but Crymelord and B'Liale formed an alliance and escaped. The Great Conjunction was nearly at hand, the inner seven planets aligning and they required the final talisman to achieve Taliesen's main goal - becoming magic incarnate and the most powerful being in the universe. Avengelyne caught up with them again, only to be tricked and captured by the magic of the talisman. 
Avengelyne escaped and obtained the final talisman, giving it to Taliesen. He constructed a version of Stonehenge to perform the ritual for time of the Great Conjunction had arrived. But he had lied to Avengelyne. He did not remove her white fire from her body. In fact, he had taken some of it from he in the battle so long ago and now required it to complete his transformation, making him all-powerful. 
With the words of Peter to guide her, Avengelyne came to her senses and used the white fire to ignite the talismans, causing a massive explosion and apparently killing Taliesen.

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