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An angel of the Heavenly Host, Tali is seduced by the Succubus, Chantinelle. The Succubus' ill concieved plans go wry as the pair fall in love due to Tali's purity and power to turn emotions into love overcomes lust.

A secret relationship develops culminating in Chantinelle falling pregnant. Knowing that when found out, they would be destroyed by their masters, the forbidden couple seek the aid of the occult detective, John Constantine. Reluctant at first, Constantine warms to the idea as he sees the benefits of having possible spies in Heaven and in Hell.

Protecting the pair from the seeking eyes of Hell, Constantine fails to take into consideration Heaven. The forces of Heaven, which included the Angel of Mercy and the Archangel Gabriel,  descend upon their location.  As predicted, Tali is overwhelmed by the other angels and is cast down by a great burst of light and flame. Upon the birth, the child is taken away, leaving only Chantinelle and John Constantine in the aftermath.

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