etragedy's Tales to Astonish #63 - The Gangsters And The Giant/A Titan Rides the Train review

Some Things Just Aren't Possible - Even for the Hulk!

This issue introduces one of the more interesting, long-running Hulk nemeses - The Leader. The Leader sends an interesting take on an android - a spongy automaton to steal one of Dr. Banner's nuclear inventions that's traveling by train from Gamma Base to a testing site. Unfortunately, the ensuing battle between the Hulk and the automaton includes so many odd occurrences that defy physics, that it seriously stretches suspension of disbelief - for example, in one case Hulk is pushed off the back of last train car, but using only his muscles, manages to twist in mid air and (pushing off nothing) leap up higher over a bridge to land forward of where he fell, back onto the top of the still moving train car from which he just fell!
You will either find this comic a great piece of nostalgia, or an insult to your intelligence.

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Posted by That60sGuy

Re: The Hulk jumping off nothing. I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I thought I must have misunderstood what they where trying to show cos it was so silly. I found this issue a great piece of insult to my nostalgia.

Posted by etragedy

@That60sGuy: The Hulk got very little serious writing attention compared to most of the other Marvel characters throughout the 60s and 70s. After a handful of good stories in the beginning it would not be for 20 years until the late 1980s that another writer (Peter David) would infuse some new life into the title.

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