etragedy's Tales to Astonish #61 - Now Walks The Android!/Captured at Last! review

The Hulk is Finally Captured

General Ross, still suspicious of Dr. Banner's unexplained disappearances, brings in a special investigator, Glenn Talbot - who seems to take an interest in taking down Banner (and wooing Betty on the side). Meanwhile, a saboteur who has taken control of a suit Banner designed to withstand atomic bomb blasts runs amok near the base, testing the suit's limits and intent on world domination. Only the Hulk can stop him, but in so doing he both unintentionally aids Talbot in wooing Betty, and leaves himself vulnerable to capture. Enchained with special chains Banner himself created to restrain the Hulk, he cannot remain the Hulk indefinitely!
One of the better early Hulk stoies in Tales to Astonish.

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