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Enter: The Hulk

Let's Learn About Hank and Jan

Enter: The Hulk

Giant Man decides to track down The Hulk and get him to re-join The Avengers. This means a trip to New Mexico where Hulk was last seen. As Giant Man and The Wasp head to the airport, they are spotted by The Human Top who has recently been released on parole and is looking for a chance to get even with the man who put him there. The Human Top decides to follow the pair without his costume so as not to be recognised.

The dynamic duo arrives at Gamma Base where General Ross informs them Bruce Banner is the best person to help them find The Hulk. Dr. Banner is not interested and gets angered by the thought that The Avengers are still chasing The Hulk. He gets into a jeep and drives away – his anger ever increasing. Within minutes Banner transforms into The Hulk and wrecks the jeep. The Hulk decides to confront Giant Man and starts destroying the nearest town.

Meanwhile The Human Top decides teaming up with The Hulk is the perfect way to destroy Giant Man, who is evacuating the next town on the path of Hulk’s rampage. The Human Top first tells Hulk that Giant Man is waiting to ambush him in the next town and then informs General Ross and his troops of The Hulk’s whereabouts. On hearing the town has been evacuated, Ross decides to launch a missile and level the whole place to destroy his nemesis.

Hulk and Giant Man finally confront and although The Avenger is trying to help him, Hulk decides he’s an enemy and wants to smash him. During their fight Hulk reveals for the first time the angrier he gets, the stronger he gets. While the titans collide, Thunderbolt fires the missile. The Wasp manages to warn the man she loves who relays the information to The Hulk. Hulk leaps and catches the missile in mid-air before tossing it away in the desert. The aftershock of the explosion turns him back to Bruce Banner. Thinking they have lost the trail of The Hulk, Giant Man and The Wasp return to New York.

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