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The Human Top!

Despite over a year of continuity building, much of this latest issue of Astonish is ridden with what is either ret-conning or simple forgetfulness. First we have The Wasp claiming to be in the superhero gig for the sole purpose of bagging Pym when it was really to get some catharsis over her father's death during her induction issue. Over it already, huh? Then we also have the issue of Pym's ants coming back, this time seemingly only being able to communicate with pictures rather than words that Ant-Man was able to hear from previous instalments. I mean, fair enough if you want to ret-con something if you think it's outdated or silly in retrospect, but here Lee and Kirby replace something deep and meaningful in The Wasp's canon and replace with sexist dribble seen from just about every other female in these comics. Then they go and replace the ant's ability to communicate through words with something just as ridiculous. Oh, brother. I'm just waiting on the excellent work done by H.E. Huntley with Pym's touching backstory being thrown out the window too.

And that's just the beginning of the story. The rest which deals with Lee's latest wacky nutjob The Human Top (you know, like a spinning top, only human?) who makes a living robbing stores and such by spinning really fast so that he can get away before anyone can catch him. The power of speed is certainly interesting concept, and one that hasn't really been capitalised on before, but was the justification of being able to spin really fast really necessary? Couldn't he have just been gifted with the power of incredible speed? Oh well, I guess not. Instead we're given a hokey David and Goliath tale when Giant Man fumbles through the streets trying to catch the little slippery thief. I guess it's trying to be humorous, but it's just lame. Not even the wonderful art of Kirby and Ditko can save this one from the pits of Lee's off-kilter writing.

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