otoboke's Tales to Astonish #48 - Ant-Man And The Wasp Defy The Porcupine! review

Ant-Man And The Wasp Defy The Porcupine!

Despite "Defying the porcupine" sounding a little like something you shouldn't do when you're growing up as a young boy, this latest issue of Tales to Astonish is a little less amusing than you might think. Revolving around a villain who somehow sees the porcupine as nature's finest creation in terms of survival, much of the story is half-baked and dumbfounding. Sure, the guy is dressed as a porcupine, but he hardly ever even utilises his suit to act like one. Unless, of course, there are any flying porcupines with powers of fire and sleeping gas out there. No? Oh well. To be fair, Huntley (who we sadly see the last of here) tries to flesh out Lee's caricature creation as best he can, but in end can't bridge the gap between camp and earnest.

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    After a run of modern comics reviews in my reading order (Avengers The Origin) it’s almost comforting to be back to my bread and butter, the one and done sixties comic. In this case it even features Ant-Man and The Wasp who are probably my favourite heroes of the sixties. Here they face a threat from the diabolical Porcupine. A man who looked at Iron Man’s costume and thought: “like that, but with more spikes”.We have a decent villain of the week here in Alex Gentry. He&r...

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