otoboke's Tales to Astonish #47 - Music To Scream By review

Music To Scream By

It's time to get psychedelic, readers, as Ant-Man and The Wasp prepare for their battle with hypnotic trumpet player, Trago. In what is best described as something of an issue inspired by the subject matter at hand—jazz music—this latest adventure for Pym and his trusty sidekick is right hoot. Despite having some large coincidences in story-telling typical of these Silver Age comics, the majority of Lee and Huntley's tale here is a-typical and bizarre in all the right ways. Also deliberately striking is Don Heck's art style which stays true to his usual line-based drawings but also implements a little abstract notion here and there that really drives home the dissonant themes of the issue. All in all, a great self-contained story that develops character, gives the reader a neat little story with an original villain that's not completely ridiculous, and some gorgeous art to feast the eyes upon. Another stand-out for Ant-Man and The Wasp, for sure.

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    This month our heroes face the greatest threat known to humanity… bad music. Trago the Trumpeter (you can have that one for free Marvel) has sought out the ancient art of hypnotising music and plans to wield his terrible powers to steal and enslave New York, and then seek out vengeance against Ant-Man and The Wasp.Well I’ll be damned. Lee and Huntley have managed to write a half decent story centered around hypnosis! The villains powers are explained, he travels to attain them then ...

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