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Wasp's first appearance! While working for scientist Vernon Van Dyne, Hank Pym meets the young girl who will become his partner in crime fighting...and in life! Janet Van Dyne gains her sting, thanks to a super powered transformation!

In This issue Henry Pym meets a scientist by the name of Vernon Van Dyne, who just shows up one day to compare scientific notes. He brings along his young daughter Janet. Vernon Van Dyne has a problem though, he made a mistake in one of his experimentswhich leads a criminal from outer space named Kosmos right to him. The two scientists become friends and Henry Pym becomes very interested in Vernon Van Dynes Daughter Janet. Unfortunately when Kosmos catches up to Vernon Van Dyne they fight and Kosmos ends up killing Vernon Van Dyne. At the same time, Hank is wooing Janet Van Dyne back at his place, and what better way to impress a girl than to cover her with Pym particles and have her become a shrinking Superhero by the name of The Wasp. When they find out what happened to Vernon Van Dyne, the two heroes chase after Kosmos and in the end defeat him.

Features Include:

The Creature From Kosmos!!

Blueprint for Victory


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It was hard to read the original version of the story so aptly told in Avengers: Origins Ant-Man and The Wasp, a comic I rate five stars. Returning to the sixties style of storytelling and writing was challenging, with the character of Janet Van Dyne suffered the most from this change. That said the original story was pretty well written and obviously laid down the beats that were followed by the retelling.We hear for the very first time the origins of The Ant-Man and the terrible events that le...

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