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Trapped By The Protector

Ant-Man learns of a jeweler who is being extorted by The Protector who tell Ant-Man that The Protector is extorting all the jewelers. Ant-Man then has ants stationed at all the jewelers to alert him if The Protector appears.

Eventually, The Protector appears. Ant-Man uses a catapult to get to the jeweler. He usually gets ants to cushion his fall, but this time there is a crowd of people blocking his ants, so he ends up landing in a baby carriage.

Ant-Man with his ants confront The Protector in the store. The ants get a pearl necklace and drop it on the floor, causing the pearls to scatter and making The Protector slip and fall. The fight continues outside where The Protector grabs a water pistol from a passing kid and almost washes Ant-Man down a storm drain. But Ant-Man gets ants to drop a stick across the grate, saving himself. However, The Protector escapes.

Pym decides to trap The Protector by renting a store front and setting up a jewelery store. The Protector eventually shows up threating him with a disintergrating gun that he uses to destroy a display case. As soon as The Protector leaves, Pym becomes Ant-Man and is able to follow The Protector as he had ants climb into The Protectors boots.

Ant-Man tracks The Protector to a vacant building, but is sucked into a vacuum cleaner by The Protector. Though ant sized, Ant-Man still has normal strength and punches thru the paper vacuum bag. When The Protector returns, Ant-Man turns on a fan and blows the dust from the vacuum bag into The Protectors face.

Meanwhile, Ant-Man sent his ants to a police station having them spell out his location. The police arrive and they discover that The Protector was really the jeweler Ant-Man first met.

The Magician

Afraid to Dream

The Star Raiders







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