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Features Include:

The Challenge Of Comrade X

Starts off with 3 bank robbers trapped in a bank vault, but are saved by Ant-Man who enters the lock mechanism and unlocks it.

Days later, a young woman is looking for Ant-Man. She goes to a police station, but the police don’t know how to locate him. However, Ant-Man learns of the girls request as Ant-Man has insects in police stations to alert him of emergencies.

Ant-Man finds the young woman who tells him that a spy called Comrade X is after him and his secrets. She knows the spy is hiding on a freighter docked at the pier.

That evening, Ant-Man goes the pier, but is captured in a glass box. Ant-Man summons ants to attack the crew, causing one of them to drop his weapon that smashes the glass box Ant-Man was in. Now free, Ant-Man goes after Comarade X who was waiting for him. Ant-Man gets ants to cover the ceiling light and in the darkness he ties the spy’s laces together causing him to fall. The ants uncover the light, pull the mask off Comrade X, who we learn was the young woman from the beginning.

From Outer Space

The Hands of Time

The Search for Pan







Story Arcs

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