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Selena Alice Lauren

Manhattan, New York 2097

part 1

The future is green. There is no aging, there is no disease or madness. There is no death. So as the story begins but as Detective John Chimu enters his first crime seen, volunteer forensic discovery team, Esther Danne stopped him, not knowing he is a cop. Danne was expecting a different cot to handle the case, a notable cop named Kenneth Pezzini but Chimu said that Pezzini is out for three weeks.

Going through the scene, Chimu learned that the victims name is a behavioral psychologist named Geoffrey Kuhn and that there is another dead body belonging to Getz Muller, Khun's secretary. Muller was murdered after he had sex with the killer. Chimu got sick of the scene and just requested that a report be given to him and left the scene.

Later in the evening, Chimu placed an anti-age treament patch on his arm while contemplating on the case. He asked his home computer to locate someone who can help him with his first murder case. The computer selected Kenneth Pezzini but Chimu said he needs someone who is there already. The computer selected a woman who lives in Downtown Manhattan who had helped the police solve mystery slayings before. Chimu gave a worried look as he gets the information of the woman.

Selena Alice Lauren is a former intelligence before the Days of the Acceleration. She dealt with transcontinental career killers that Federal Intelligence used to handle but this caused her to lose herself and got lost in the scene. She appeared six months later making homemade porn films but subliminal messages. She was arrested for coercion of men to do illegal acts using narcotic therapy. She vanished after that and later spotted in downtown New York where she joined other people who doesn't want to be part of the New World but are free from arrest and extradition.

When Chimu went to the area, his hired taxi driver/guide got immediately shot and he has to find his way around the place by himself after he encountered a group of men in black. In a dark alley he met a lady wearing an animal fur that disgusted him. Before he can do anything, the mysterious lady drugged him using her mutated tongue shaped like a snake. He woke up in a hostel like place, with naked people lying around with strange alienesque tentacles in their head. The tentacle began to detach itself from each person as Chimu readied himself to leave the place, there Selena appeared to him. She said she is interested in doing the case if he will guarantee her safe passage and no persecution be given to her while the case is ongoing. Chimu reluctantly agreed and set his computer to do Selena's request while doing this, he notices the tentacles returning to the gauntlet in Selena's hand.

Chimu mentioned that he knows what Selena has in her hand, the Witchblade and how it was one of the things that he read from the police files before the Days of the Accelaration. Selena did not answer about the Witchblade but mentioned they already have to move as her link to her people are now closed, they will awaken and it may spell trouble to them.

The left as the people began to wake up asking Selena not to disconnect...

end of part 1 to be continued on part 2.







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