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Though first seen in Witchblade# 10, the regular series, the story of the Witchblade of the High Seas, Anne Bonny is told in this quarterly comic book series.

The story is dated in 1690-1730, a time known as the Golden Age of Piracy. Anne Boony and her lover, Calico Jack acquired a rare map that they shared with William and Mary Read, a pirate team whose main love is the rarest of treasures. They headed to a deserted island where the jungle literally is alive, slaughtered most of their crew. Plants that eat people, unlimited supply of feral cats and land masses that has a mind of its own.

Meanwhile, their ship that was anchored far from the island was attacked by Black Beard. Like any pirate, they are out to claim what the others came for. Jack Calico died defending their ship.

Back at the heart of the island, Anne and her team found a mound of bones and treasures close to a waterfall, on top is the Witchblade emanating a light that seems to be the force behind why the jungle is so alive and so dangerous.

A foolish ship crew went on top of the mound and wore the Witchblade and like any other who is not chosen, his hands were blown off. This distracted the team, enough that Black Beard was able to take them by surprise. But Anne who is close to the mound heard the Witchblade calling her, making a leap of faith to save her self and her crew. She accepted the call of the Witchblade who told her, that it controls every living and non-living entity of the island.

At the shore of the beach, William and Mary were about to be executed by Black Beard's crew when the entire shore started cobbling them. Before Black Beard and his remaining crew were wiped out someone shouted it was the Witchblade's doing, the Blade of Fire.

Anne Bony left the island with William and Mary, knowing too well that they lost most of their people but with this new weapon in hand things will get interesting for all of them.







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