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Get ready for a new series of specials focusing on members of the Sinestro Corps and tying into the "Sinestro Corps War" crossover! First up: The Fall of Kyle Rayner. Kyle is trapped in his own mind as Parallax has taken him over. All he can do is watch as Parallax forces him to fight Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns Corps.

Kyle Rayner is trapped inside his mind in what appears to be his recently departed mother's house. The house is bare except for a paint that his mother told him she picked up at a flea market or from a street vendor. The painting is a young boy lost in a field with a gray and wild sky overhead. Kyle always wondered about the boy and how he got lost and his mother uses to tell him stories about how the boy would get home.

Kyle then looks out the window and sees himself, as Parallax attacking Hal Jordan. He is then alarmed to see Parallax, still looking like him in the room with him. Parallax then goes about mocking Kyle, and his drawings of Alexandra, Donna Troy, Jade and Maura Rayner, that Kyle has drawn on the wall.

Kyle tries to fight Parallax but the fear entity is able to knock Kyle down, but when Parallax turns to leave, Kyle attacks him with pencil, stabbing him in the eye. Parallax begins to laugh and leaves Kyle alone again.

Kyle gets angry and tears the painting from the wall and goes to smash it when he sees his mother's name on the back. Maura Rayner had painted it and never told her son. Kyle then realizes he may have a hope at escaping Parallax.

The last seen is Kyle waking through the field in the painting and disappearing in a green flash of light.

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Boring 0

This had its moments...I liked the art especially the pencils of Kyle's mother, his dead gf, and Donna Troy...beautiful. Parallax is a bastard...I was hoping it would show here how Kyle got rid of Parallax and is with Donna and Jason Todd in Countdown...or is it Parallax still controlling him there...I hope the continuity is not off...Pretty much it is Kyle trapped in his head and Parallax showing Kyle that he can whip Hal's ass and that Kyle will never win. Kyle keeps trying...I can see the vul...

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Dentro de la mente 0

Estamos dentro de la mente de Kyle quien su cuerpo esta poseído por Parallax. Este batalla en su interior para poder salir, ¿acaso podrá ser exitoso? Este one shot es interesante en donde vemos el interior el protagonista. El arte es buena y se mueve bien en las partes de acción. Aun así este issue es mas uno parecido a la historia de dr. jekyll and mr. hyde; en donde dos personalidades dentro de un cuerpo batallan. Para ser un one shot vale la pena, aun así no es un "must-own" o simplemente olv...

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