kfhrfdu_89_76k's Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Ion #1 - The Ultimate Lantern review

A nice one, I guess.

I`ll review this differently, this time. I will name one thing I like about the page, and one that I don`t. Then I`ll give an over all rating of the ish. Don`t worry, I wont give any big spoilers away.

The cover:

BAD: Another stupid cover by Benes.

OK: But, at least he only made the cover, because these days, in superhero comics, they`re basically characters posing. And Benes is good at drawing characters posing.

Page 1:

GOOD: A nice, four panel conversation between Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner. They chill out somewhere, while Kyle (Rayner) is talking with the guardians, about what the guardians want from him.

BLAND: Stewart says something stupid in the fourth panel. "I`ve sorta been there." No Stewart, Kyle has sorta been there. You WERE there. Big time.

Page 2:

UNORIGINAL: Kyle asks Guardians, what do they want from him. Could`ve been done in half of the space used. But, doesn`t matter, `cause...

GOOD: The art is appealing to the eyes, so it`s not a bad thing.

Page 3:

GOOD: Guardians don`t act like dicks, for a change.

MILDLY ANNOYING: Johns Guardians do, though, which creates diversion. But, maybe it`s not a bad thing, after all. It felt like that to me, though.

Page 4:

GOOD: Kyle puts his ring on again. It doesn`t take a splash page to do so.

BAD: Another mention of the impending Blackest night. I hate those mentions.

Page 5:

GOOD: Kilowog. And 10 panels.

BAD: doesn`t have a Joker chameo?

Page 6:


UNORIGINAL: How predictable of you, Sodam.

Page 7:

GOOD: Nice Lantern designs. The page moves the story along.

BAD: Nothing. Which is a kinda bad thing to me, considering that I should add a good an a bad thing about every page.

Page 8:

GOOD: The art is still good.

BAD: It`s got Sodam Yat. A character, who is here only, because Blackest night (Which, instead of happening after countless centuries, apparently happened after 23 years after it was first envisioned. But, maybe Qull got the prophecy wrong. Or maybe a few people at DC just decided to screw Alan Moore again.) was impending. A comic event that shouldn`t have had even happened. SO, yeah, I don`t like Sodam that much. There`s much worse characters, sure. But that doesn`t make him a master piece.

Page 9:

GOOD: Cool stuff is done with the power rings.

BAD: A generic villain prepares to enter the scene.

Page 10:

BAD: A generic villain does precisely that.

GOOD: Nothing worth mentioning. Except that the art hasn`t turned horrible after a few pages.

Page 11:

GOOD: Kyle tells who the villain is. Which is great, `cause I had no friggin idea of who he is.

BAD: The villain"I`m forever linked to you Rayner." Me: Oh, I see. The Venom-syndrome.

Page 12:


BAD: Generic dialogue, but you`ve got to fill the page with some words.

Page 13:

GOOD: Monsters.

BAD: Kyle tells Sodam about the boring conspiracy that was acted against him.

Pages 14-17:

GOOD: The fight is fought, cool stuff happens. Also, I remember that Sodam isn`t a terrible character. He should`ve gotten more original character traits, though. Like the ones showcased here.

BAD: I don`t know. Maybe the fight was too short. I mean, I didn`t care for the villain, but the fight still seemed too short.

Page 18:

NEITHER GOOD NOR BAD: Kyle and Sodam discuss about stuff.

Page 19:

GOOD: Guy creates a chic with his ring.

BAD: He stole Rayners thing! Kyle did that in the 90`s. At least in JLA, when it was written by Grant Morrison.

Page 20:

GOOD: I totally knew where the guys were! A no price for me!

BAD: Kyle tells the guys (and the readers) what happened A FEW PAGES ago. How needless is that?

Page 21:

GOOD: The writing has stayed solid. Not awesome, but okay.

DULL: All four Earth lanterns, together again. I wouldn`t care less. Not a big GL-franchise fan.

Page 22:

DULL: Almost a whole page devoted to the lanterns being together again. This time, in more detail.


Kyle is now Guys unofficial official partner. I guess it`s cool enough.

GOOD: It ended? Wow. A one shot.

So, this was okay. I don`t know if it`s necessary to read it, but at least it ties a few loose ends together, and does so in a respectable manner. Since it`s written by a pro. The art is good. Most of the characters were quite good. Et cetera, et cetera. Blah blah blah. Read it or don`t. I don`t really care.


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