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  1. Cover by Terry Shoemaker and Karl Kesel.
  2. "Death Trip!" plotted by Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen, dialogue by Mindy Newell, penciled by Terry Shoemaker, inked by Karl Kesel, colored by Carl Gafford and lettered by Ben Oda.
  3. "Driveforce!" written by Robert Loren Fleming, penciled by Denys Cowan, inked by Sal Trapani, colored by Joe Orlando, lettered by Gasper and edited by Andy Helfer.
  4. "Once a Hero..." plotted by Paul Levitz, dialogue by Mindy Newell, penciled by George Tuska, inked by Karl Kesel, colored by Carl Gafford and lettered by Ben Oda.

Story 1: "Death Trip!"

Jacques Foccart and Wildfire find themselves in the same dimension where they found the seemingly alive Lyle Norg, the first Invisible Kid. They learn that Lyle Norg isn't real and actually a malevolent being intent on destroying Jacques Foccart and Wildfire. They are able to escape that dimension, though. Meanwhile, Duo Damsel reveals her resentment of Brainiac 5's decision of recreating a new model of Computo, the computer that originally killed one of Triplicate Girl's forms.

Story 2: "Once a Hero..."

A tale of the Heroes of Lallor.

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