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Iron Man Story- "Beyond All Rescue!"
After digging himself out from the rockslide which the Mole Man buried him in at the conclusion to the previous issue, Iron Man is surprised to find Pepper Potts emerge from his factory, which was dragged down below the Earth's surface by the Mole Man in the previous issue. As Iron Man explains the situation to Pepper, some of the Mole Man's Subterraneans clear away the rubble from the rockslide, before attacking Iron Man. Iron Man is able to defeat the Subterraneans, but as he continues fighting he can't help but wonder how he'll defeat the Subterraneans as more and more are sent after him. The Mole Man himself then appears with a concussion ray, and attacks Iron Man. Iron Man is able to hold off his attack long enough to create a landslide between himself and the Mole Man, giving himself and Pepper time to make up a battle plan.

Iron Man then remembers that since Tony Stark's factory is contracted for national defense work, the Pentagon are probably planning to save them at that very moment. However, if they come down into the Earth, they could easily be destroyed by the Mole Man and his minions. Iron Man uses his radio to contact the US Army, who are currently planning to save him, and tells them that he doesn't need their help. In an attempt to kill Iron Man so that he can get Tony Stark's earth digger machine (from the previous issue), the Mole Man sends out a robotic dragon, but this is defeated by Iron Man. Whilst Iron Man is fighting it, Pepper is kidnapped by the Subterraneans. Iron Man follows them to the Mole Man, and then pretends to agree to give the Mole Man his earth digger. Just as the Mole Man starts to activate it, he notices a geiger counter counting upwards rapidly. Iron Man then flies Pepper out as the machine explodes, burying the Mole Man and destroying Stark's factory.

Captain America Story- "If Bucky Lives...!"
Captain America is in Avenger's Mansion, when a video of Bucky suddenly appears. Bucky says that he's been held a prisoner for years, and needs Captain America to save him. He says that he's on Seagull Island, and gives the directions, before saying that he has to go. Captain America then leaves in a flying car-like machine of the Avengers', planning to rescue Bucky. Meanwhile, at Seagull Island, Power Man and Swordsman are transported to a secret laboratory hidden on the island, via a floating plastic bubble. A voice from a loudspeaker then tells them that Captain America is coming to the island, and the two prepare for battle against.

Captain America's ship is caught in a plastic bubble just like the one which brought Power Man and Swordsman to the island, before being attacked. Although it seems as though he has no chance, he manages to defeat Power Man by ducking below one of his leaps, and punches him as he goes past, adding his strength to Power Man's and knocking him out when he hits the wall. The Swordsman then tries shooting lasers at Cap, but Cap dodges these so that they hit generators behind him, causing a power feedback which knocks out Swordsman. Captain America is then captured by another plastic bubble, and taken to the mastermind of this plot (who isn't revealed to the reader). The villain then says that he is the last sight Captain America will ever see.

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