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Iron Man Story-"At the Mercy of the Maggia"

In the previous issue, Iron Man was at the mercy of Whiplash, having been nearly completely drained of power. Although it's risky, Iron Man fires a repulsor ray at Whiplash, even though he knows it's a big risk as it will put a greater strain on his heart. The rays are successful in knocking out Whiplash, but the loss of power causes Iron Man to collapse. Meanwhile, Jasper Sitwell is searching for Iron Man after Tony Stark's cousin Morgan kidnapped him and took him to the Maggia. He gets a radio report from Nick Fury that Morgan has been seen at the airport, and then drives there.

Finding Morgan at the airport, Jasper questions Morgan and finds out that Iron Man has been taken to the Maggia's gambling ship. Jasper then goes to the ship, disguised as an ordinary gambler. Whilst he's searching, Whiplash recovers consciousness, and finds the unconscious Iron Man. He then gets orders from the leader of the Maggia to bring Iron Man to them, as they can examine his armour. The Maggia strap Iron Man to a table which holds him magnetically in place, and start firing a laser at him. Iron Man gains consciousness just as an A.I.M. ship attacks the Maggia one, causing a leak in the ship. The Maggia escape, leaving Iron Man pinned to a table whilst the room starts filling up with water....

Captain America Story- "The Man Who Lived Twice!"

At the end of the previous issue, Captain America and his ally the Black Panther were shocked to find Baron Zemo seemingly alive, the mastermind of an orbital laser weapon. Captain America and the Panther both start fighting Zemo's men, determined to stop him. Although they're successful at taking out several of them, Zemo stops the two using a Hypno-Light missile, which fires a light at Cap and the Panther which causes them to black out. Unknown to the duo, SHIELD Agent 13, disguised as a spy named Irma Kruhl, is also looking for Zemo so as to stop his orbital laser, and is getting closer.

Captain America and the Panther wake up, and immediately try to stop Zemo once more. However, the Hypno-Light has been successful enough on them that they're too disorientated to properly fight. To stall for time whilst the light wears off, Captain America comments that Zemo seems different from usual, and asks him what his plan is. Zemo then shows his orbital laser, and how it successful it is, before the two try attacking him again. They are completely unsuccessful, and stopped by a paralyser pistol. Agent 13, disguised as Irma Kruhl, then arrives, and Zemo orders her to kill Cap and the Panther. Agent 13 then thinks that she can't let her mission fail by blowing her cover, and knows what she must do.

End of this series. The Iron Man story is continued in Iron Man and Sub-Mariner #1. The Captain America story is continued in Captain America #100

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