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Iron Man Story- "The Warrior and the Whip!"

Last issue, Iron Man was captured by the Maggia whilst his transistors are on low energy. When he started to defeat them, the Maggia sent in a man named Whiplash to take care of him. Iron Man immediately notices that Whiplash's whip is made of steel fibres that are strong enough to damage his armour, and so tries avoding Whiplash, to save the energy of his armour. After dodging Whiplash fails, Iron Man uses an image inducer to create holograms of himself, confusing Whiplash, which gives him a moment of breathing space.

Back at Stark Industries, Jasper Sitwell has searched the whole factory and declares that Tony Stark is missing. He finds out that Morgan Stark took Iron Man away, and so checks up with SHIELD as to whether or not Morgan really is Tony's cousin. He finds out that Morgan really is Tony's cousin, but that he'd do basically anything for money. A large group of Tony's girlfriends then arrive, demanding to see Tony.

At the Maggia gambling ship, Iron Man has managed to hold Whiplash off for five minutes now, but when Whiplash tries attacking one of the images, it disappears. He then guesses that it's a trick, and prepares to kill Iron Man once and for all.

Captain America Story- "The Claws of the Panther!"

Captain America is travelling to Wakanda via a flying ship provided to him by the Black Panther, when a laser beam is shot at him from the sky. Starting to wonder whether it's a trap and he's been set up, the ship lands and is then approached by the Black Panther and some of his men. Not taking the chance, Cap attacks them, until the Panther convinces Cap that it's not a trap, and that he needs his help.

Captain America and the Black Panther then use a telescope to find the device which shot at Cap. Cap questions the Panther as to where it came from, and the Panther says that if he told him who put it there, he wouldn't believe him. They can't destroy it whilst it's in space, as it's force field is too strong. Instead, they decide to destroy the manual controls on Earth.

The two then rush off to find the contol panel, as the Panther knows that it's somewhere in Wakanda. However, along the way they're attacked by some men, and despite their best efforts are both knocked out. At the same time, Agent 13 arrives in Wakanda, disguised as a spy named Irma Kruhl, and is taken to a mysterious man.

Cap and the Panther wake up and find themselves unharmed, as the men who attacked them thought that they were merely pretending to be knocked out. They then keep going to stop the owners of the laser beam, and find it to be Captain America's thought-dead enemy: Baron Zemo!

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