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Iron Man Story- "The Deadly Victory!"

The Grey Gargoyle has just turned Iron Man to stone, and thrown him off the roof of Stark Industries so that he'll shatter. Luckily, Jasper Sitwell is outside and at ground level, and manages to save Iron Man by getting into a nearby truck full of sand and driving it below him, cushioning his fall. Whilst Sitwell manages to save Iron Man, the Grey Gargoyle returns to the inside of Stark Industries, and finds the cobalt weapon which he was looking for last issue. By the time he gets outside, Iron Man has returned to normal, and confronts him.

Iron Man manages to shoot the cobalt weapon out of the Grey Gargoyle's hands with his repulsor rays, but the Gargoyle is still too close to the cobalt weapon, so Iron Man hesitates before getting it. As Sitwell starts to reach for it, the ceiling suddenly caves in after being weakened last issue. Sitwell manages to survive by touching the Grey Gargoyle, so that he turns to stone and is safe from the collapsing ceiling. Iron Man then chases after the Grey Gargoyle, and works out how to defeat him. The Grey Gargoyle decides to use the cobalt weapon against Iron Man, but Iron Man uses his chest transmitter to short circuit it, sending the energy back into the Grey Gargoyle and changing him to normal. However, the power drain on his chest plate knocks him out, just as Jasper comes outside. With no idea what to do to save Iron Man, Jasper decides that he'll remove Iron Man's helmet.

Captain America Story- "To Be Reborn!"

In the previous issue, Steve Rogers decided to give up being Captain America. As a result, there are now many people imitating him, in an attempt to fill his shoes. Steve Rogers is told that with his real identity revealed to the public, there are a lot of criminals who want revenge on him, and so the imitators are at a risk of being killed. At the same time, a mysterious hitman named the Sniper is practising, having been hired to take out Captain America. The Sniper demonstrates his abilities to a gang leader by firing through the keyhole of a house from 1,000 yards away.

A few days later, a Captain America imitator is being attacked by some criminals, whilst declaring his innocence. During the fight, the fake Cap falls off a roof, and is hanging by one hand. Steve Rogers is coincidentally nearby, and saves the man. Unfortunately for him, the Sniper is watching from a window, and tries shooting both Steve and the imitator. As he's aiming, he suddenly sees another Steve Rogers at a different window, and shoots him. Before he can shoot the Steve on the roof, SHIELD agents come in and arrest him, having been looking for him. The Steve he shot in the window was just a LMD. After this encounter, Steve Rogers decides that he'll stay being Captain America, as it's a part of his life he can't get rid of.

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