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Iron Man Story- "The Monstrous Menace of the Mysterious Melter!"
At the start of this issue, Tony Stark is visiting the construction site of his factory, where it's being rebuilt after it being destroyed last issue. Happy Hogan and Pepper Potts are also there, and almost injured by a faulty crane. In order to save them, Tony pushes Pepper out of the way, with him and Happy being hit by the rocks the crane is carrying. Pepper immediately rushes to Happy, and Tony realises that she loves Happy, not him. Even though it's for the best, since Tony has an injured heart and a limited time to live, Tony is still slightly hurt by this, and spends the next few days on dates with various women.

Meanwhile, in prison, the Melter manages to trick his cellmate into stealing enough pieces of machinery for him to make a new melting gun. The Melter manages to break out of prison, and plans to break into Tony Stark's factory, where he can steal various miniaturised parts to build a smaller melting gun. The next day, he encounters Iron Man at the building site, and is able to melt one of Iron Man's gloves whilst avoiding being harmed. Iron Man decides that he can't defeat the Melter as he is, and so changes to Tony Stark. The Melter then approaches him, and commands him to build him a smaller melting gun.

Captain America Story- "Back From the Dead!"
Continuing from the previous issue, the mysterious manipulator is revealed to be the Red Skull, thought dead after his last encounter with Captain America. The Skull explains that in their last encounter, he leaped into the ocean after the Cosmic Cube, and sunk out of sight. He says that although he failed to obtain the Cube, it's energies gave him the power he needed to survive without oxygen, and so he was able to escape to the surface. He then headed to Seagull Island, a secret installation provided for him years ago, and planned Captain Americas death. The Skull then uses his plastic bubble to send Cap a floor below, where he is attacked by a robot.

Captain America manages to defeat the robot, before tiny missiles are fired at him. Not trusting himself to escape them, Cap taunts the Skull that the missiles are below him, and so the Skull calls them off and sends in his greatest henchman: Bucky Barnes! Bucky attacks Captain America, saying that Captain America was jealous of him and wanted the spotlight all for himself. As the fight continues, Captain America throws Bucky into a wall, correctly deducing that it was just a well-built robot. The Red Skull congratulates him, before pulling a lever which causes the walls around Cap to start close in on him.

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