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Iron Man breaks into his own factory in order to repair and recharge himself while on the run from the law. However, he is interrupted by the arrival of a surprising enemy.

Iron Man Story - "When Fall the Mighty!"

In the previous issue, Iron Man was confronted by Namor just after battle with Namor's enemy Krang, who weakened Iron Man enough that he has to recharge his armour. Namor starts punching Iron Man, saying about how he's his enemy, whilst Iron Man can only try to work a way to recharge his armour. Iron Man decids that if he can outsmart Namor, he may be able to reach his other set of armour, which is recharged. By begging Namor not to throw him into a certain room, Iron Man manages to trick Namor into taking him to the other set of armour. He closes the door behind him, which is reinforced enough that Namor can't smash it, even with his strength.

Whilst Iron Man is changing armours and Namor is pounding away at the door, Namor thinks back to why he's fighting Iron Man. He had been looking for Krang and Dorma, but by the time he found them, Iron Man had chased them off (which happened in the previous issue). Since Iron Man inadvertantly caused Namor to lose Dorma, he then followed him back to his factory, which is where this issue started. Namor then notices that his strength is weakening after being away from water for so long, and flies away to the water. Iron Man then comes out of the room just after Namor leaves. By now, the police have heard the noise that Namor and Iron Man have been making, and so burst into the room, looking for the cause of the noise.

Meanwhile, Namor has flown to the water, and has been returned to his full strength. He then leaves the water, thinking about how easily he'll defeat Iron Man now....

(This story is concluded in Tales to Astonish #82)

Captain America Story - "He Who Holds the Cosmic Cube..."

Captain America is wandering around the city when he hears a loud explosion from the sky. He looks up to see a high-altitude plane, which has apparently just exploded, although fortunately the pilot has managed to evacuate. The capsule the pilot is in lands in the river, and Captain America dives in and saves him. He finds out that the pilot is an agent of A.I.M., who tells him that the keeper of the Cosmic Cube is taking the Cosmic Cube to the Red Skull, who has betrayed A.I.M. after they thought he was working for them. The Red Skull is meanwhile watching footage of the keeper of the Cosmic Cube in a plane, heading towards him. As one of the Red Skull's men asks him how he convinced the keeper to bring him the Cosmic Cube, the Skull shakes the man's hand, then reveals that he's placed a small device in the man's hand, which enables him to control him. He explains that he did the same thing to the Cosmic Cube's keeper when he recently met him.

With the A-1 priority which Nick Fury gave Captain America several issues ago, Captain America is able to request an experimental rocket from SHIELD, which he uses to catch up to the keeper of the Cosmic Cube, and board his plane. Captain America manages to hit the eject button, so that the keeper and him are launched from the plane, and land near an island which is apparently the Red Skull's base. The Red Skull is waiting for the keeper, and so when Cap and the keeper reach the island, he starts fighting his nemesis. Although Captain America taunts the Skull about how weak Hitler was by killing himself, the Red Skull tells Captain America that it is because of him that Bucky is dead, as Baron Zemo was following his orders when the plot to kill Cap and Bucky was executed. In his rage at the Skull, Cap is careless and taken out by a knockout gas emitter which the Skull has hidden in his clothes. The Red Skull is then given the Cosmic Cube by the keeper, and tests its power. Captain America wakes up and sees this, and realises that the Red Skull is invincible.

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